Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil PREMIUM – Early Harvest

“The oil of still green olives”, known in ancient Rome as Oleum Omphacinus, was considered the most exquisite oil, therefore it was the most sought after for culinary purposes, as well as for religious rituals and the preparation of scented ointments. Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, known as Early Harvest, is obtained at the beginning of the season directly from the green olives collected on the tree and solely by mechanical means. It presents extremely low levels of acidity and peroxides, and a high concentration of polyphenols and natural antioxidants.

Type of Olive Oil :

Origin: Sierra Mágina, Jaén, Andalucía, Spain. Protected Designation of Origin.

Site of Harvest and production: Cooperativa Trujal de Mágina in Cambil, Sierra Mágina – Jaén, Spain

Variety: 100% Picual

Classification: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Production :

Harvest:          Early Harvest, from October until November, depending on the maturity of the olives.

Collection system:      Manual and mechanic

Pressing system:          First Cold extraction

Nutrition Facts : (per 100ml)

Energy3404kJ (828kcal)
Total Fat92g
Saturated Fat13g
Monounsaturated Fat70g
Polyunsaturated Fat9g
Dietary Fiber0g

Sizes Available :

Dark green glass bottle of 500ml.